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Other Parts

Dell Mini PCI Door Cover 3MJM2PDWI01 Bulk 7R843
Charging Board Assy Board 50-70363-05
Sotec VersaGlide Button Switch 3RE0B13514201
NEC CPU Fan w/ 2Wire 808-895697-001A
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $2.50
NEC/SS1450 LED Board Assy Hawk PTL V1.3  JC41-00039A
NEC P60 Tablet Pen New OP-590-4201
Dell ATG Zif to SATA Hard Dr Connector Board New LS-3381P
Dell LS-3381P SATA HardDrive Connector Board 4559E831L01
NEC 5-Ports DG7EQK SCSI Backplane 133-659678-102
NEC Versa LitePad Antenna Assy 336-031828-001A
HP Pav DV5 Keyboard Cover Assembly NEW 3CQT6KCTP30
MP770 System Board Assy MobilePro 770 136-553794-D4
Gateway M275 Tablet LCD Convertable Hinge 8007913
HP nC4200 Base Enclosure Chassis Bottom 383509-001
Toshiba Sattelite L350 FPC PATA Cable New V000933120
HP M-Bay 2.5 Hdd Adapter W/O SATA Apater W/USB Port NEW
HP 6000 Pro DA0ZN5TB2C0 with Cable Assy 627034-001
HP Secondary Hdd Caddy USB Board With Cable LS-4025P
Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Base Bottom Cover New 26R9323
Toshiba 08N2-1DT2T00 Scorp GPS Board New H000035130
HP 2530P Secondary Hdd Cage w/USB Port New 492574-001
NEC Cover Top LCD 14.1 NEW 136-648919-001A
Dell LD600 Memory Door 3LJM2RDWI00 Bulk N0441
Dell Lcd Catch-Release Latch with Spring Bottom  C2929
NEC Versa LitePad Switch 1 Button 336-031763-001A
NEC PM2000 Power Switch Assy 4812-E 336-170107-010A
NEC MobilePro 78 RAM 16MB Memory NEW 136-554493-A1
HP Hound-Bell Sun-Board Assembly New 488516-001
IBM  Lenovo Thinkpad 310Ed 9806 Charger Board 11J8582
Dell WiFi Wireless Sniffer Board with Cable K791
IBM 41U5022 Thinkpad X6x Battery Bracket NEW 42W2534
IBM Thinkpad R51 Type 2887 Bottom Base Cover 26R8643
IBM Thinkpad X60s Type 1703 Bottom Base Cover 42W3232
HP 6000 Pro DA0ZN5CD2A1 with Cable Assy 3CZN5CB0000
HP 6000 Pro EBZN6010010 Black Bezel 3YZN6SCTP00
IBM Thinkpad Z Series Lenovo Z60m Plate Set NEW 26R9584
DC 5v DC 0.24a 38x6mm 2-Wire 2-Pin Fan UDQFNMH23
Regular price: $19.20
Sale price: $9.60
Sepa NEC Versa SX  5v DC 0.075a Fan Assy HYB35XC-05
PCMCIA Package Sub-Assy 136-243464-001A
Versa LXI Fan Assembly VERSA-LXI-FAN
NEC MobilePro Touch Screen NFU-A6
Top Case Upper Chassis Assy F2111-60947
Regular price: $9.00
Sale price: $4.50
Lenovo Thinkpad SL300 DIMM Cover w/ Screw New 45N4310
IBM Lenovo R60 S-Video Switch Board NEW 41W1313
IBM Thinkpad Lenovo Z60t Z-Series Plate Kit 42W3099
IBM Thinkpad Z-Series Lenovo Z60m Plate Kit NEW 42W3100
NEC DockingStationII PU622 Power Supply 808-891691-001
Regular price: $13.00
Sale price: $6.50
IBM Lenovo Thinkpad R500 LED Board Assembly New 45M2780
Dell Latitude D51xx Memory Door Cover P8782
Dell Latitude D51xx Modem Door Cover U2985
NEC Hybrid 5v DC 0.24a 2-Wire Fan only UDQFXMH27
NEC Versa 5v DC 0.22a Cooling FAN Assy UDQFSEH03
NEC Versa VX Power Button with LED 50-70396-02
Dell Latitude D51xx with Battery Speaker Assy R8655
Dell NBK 17K INTFC LS383 IR Microphone Board 7878C
IBM 91P7394 Thinkpad X30 IR and iEEE1394 Card 91P7353
IBM Thinkpad 3000 Daughter 56k Modem Card 41R5798
HP Pavillion Polkaudio w Cd -Dvd Controls Top Case Assy
IBM Thinkpad 3000-N500 LED Boards Assembly 43N8376
IBM Thinkpad R50 Lenovo Plate Kit NEW 13N5180
IBM Thinkpad R51 Type 1830 15in Bottom Case New 26R8642
HP Top Cover with PS-FPR-FF Upper Case New 413673-001
IBM 39T9902 Thinkpad R50e Bottom Base Cover 13N5591
IBM Thinkpad A31 Type 2652 Bottom Case Assy 26P9354
IBM 26R7834 Thinkpad R5x 13R2479 Metal Shield 13R2303
Sony PCI-PCR476-Sony C-F Rev.1.03 Board PCI-PCR475