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Dell PE2650 Rev.A05 SCSI 1x5 Backplane Board M1989
Dell PowerEdge 650 Backplane Board  5W591
Dell PowerEdge 650 Mid Bakplane IDE SCSI PDU 0W007
Dell PE6650 1x5-U320 SCSI Backplane Board 54CVF
Dell PowerEdge 2850 SCSI 1x6 Backplane Board Y0982
Dell PE2400 1x6 Board SCSI Backplane Assy 4126D
Dell PowerEdge 6600 U320 Backplane Riser Board W3370
Dell PE6650 9X617 and 41FGE SCSI 2+3 V2 Backplane H1914
Dell PE6800 SCSI 1x10 w GJ39 Backplane Board Assy UH918
Dell PE6600 7U V3 I/O Board Merlot Backplane H3975
Dell PE6650 1x5-U320 SCSI Backplane Board 9X616
Dell PowerEdge 6850 SCSI 1x5 Backplane Board YH656
Dell PowerEdge 6600 Ultra 320 SCSI Backplane U3386
Dell PE6850 SAS 2.5 SV Backplane Assembly New JD622
Dell PWA PE6800 SCSI 1x10 BackPlane Board  T2063
Dell ACTV POD 2X4 SCSI BackPlane Board 85288
Regular price: $17.00
Sale price: $8.50
Dell PowerEdge 6600 1x4-SCSI BackPlane C1644
Dell PowerEdge 6800 1x10 SCSI Backplane JG575
Dell PowerEdge 1850 1x2 Backplane Board V2  U9580
Dell PowerEdge 800 1X4 SCSI Backplane T6356
Dell R805 NT396 2x25in Bay SAS HDD Backplane New KP440
Dell Poweredge 2800 SCSI Backplane Assembly H1051
Dell Poweredge 6850 SCSI 1x5 Backplane Board HG888
Dell PE2850 PWA Optional PCI-e Riser Board D2201
Dell PowerEdge T610 1x8 SAS 2.5 Inch Backplane GW464
Dell PE28xx 1x2 Backpane C1324 Daughter-Board F2804
Dell Powervault PV20XV BackPlane Board 9579P
Dell 0G723 PE2650 U320 SCSI 1x5 Backplane Board 0G724
Dell Server PowerEdge 1550 SCSI Backplane 27YRD
Dell 153YT PE6600 V2 SCSI A02 Backplane Assembly D1719
Dell G7058- H3214 with Cable PC Board Assy U2894
Dell PE700 PWA Interface 1x4 Backplane Card U1680
Dell 328WD PE4400 1x 2-U160 Backplane with Cage 9D430
Dell PE 6600 2x4 SCSI Backplane Board Assy 9X620
Dell PE1850 Support ROMB PCI-x Riser Card Assy N8525
Scopus E-1200 HannStar PCI Adaptor 23493214200
Dell PowerVault 725n IDE Raid Backplane Card C1630
Dell BBHSCSI05 C39533-104 SCSI Backplane New Y0938
PWA Back Plane 1X6 S P2600 R0225
Dell PE6650-6600 Quanta V2 4U IO System Board J8872
Dell PE6600 2x4 Backplane SCSI Daughter Card 258HF
Dell PowerEdge R710 6x SAS HDD Backplane W814D
Dell  PowerEdge 4600 SCSI 1x8 Backplane 60EPW
EMC Dell 15-Ports Fibre Channel Backplane 005047451
Dell Server Backplane Rev A Board Assembly DAS73TH1CA7
Regular price: $47.52
Sale price: $23.76
Dell PE3250 3U PCI Backplane C1319
Dell Poweredge 6650 2+3 Board BackPlane 83PKM
Dell Poweredge 6400 SCSI 2x4 BackPlane 9403R
Dell PowerEdge 1750 1X3 SCSI Backplane P0247
Dell Backplane Daughter card REV: A02 PE6450 0659U
Dell PE2800 Fan BackPlane UL94V-0 / D2575 D2330
Dell PE4400 Distribution Power BackPlane Board 3408T
Dell PE6450 Power Backplane Backplane 3720U
Dell PV630F Fibre Channel 10Ports Backplane  2643R
Dell PE6450 Power Backplane Distribution Board 535TT
Regular price: $28.00
Sale price: $14.00
Dell HannStar DA0DD1TB4G0 3R038 Riser Card 3G750
Dell 4575D PE6xxx 1x2 Ultra2 Backplane Board 7575D
Dell SCSI Backplane Board 494VT
Dell BJ5300G02003 M5200n Interconnect Card Assy M1539
Backplane Board for H6818 Board H8013
Dell PowerEdge 2650 1x5 SCSI Rev: A00 Backplane Y1417
Dell  PE6850 Y4841 1x5-SCSi Backplane Board Assy Y4775
Regular price: $8.50
Sale price: $4.25
Dell P2600 1x6 Backplane P7363
Dell PE6450 PWA 2x2 SCSI BackPlane Card 6148U
Regular price: $11.40
Sale price: $5.70
Dell PE2800 SCSI 2-Port SCA Backplane D1390
Dell PV725N 1x2 IDE Backplane Board 3W886
Dell SCSI 4-SCA Backplane SCSI 318UP