Socket 478

FIC Intel microATX PGA478B P4 Mainboard FIC-KCL-VC35 Kit Manual-Cables and Driver

Part NumberFIC-KCL-VC35
DescriptionKit Manual-Cables and Driver
  • Kit includes: Motherboard / Users Manual / Cables and Driver
  • The new microATX478-pin 1stMainboard VC35 supports a full range of the latest generation Intel Pentium 4 processors. The leading-edge chipset Intel 845 MCH was designed for coworking with Pentium 4 (up to 2GHz) and Northwood processor (min 2GHz) in the 478-pin package based on the VRM 9.0 spec and 400MHz. ??Built using the leading-edge technology the Intel Pentium 4 processors provide a significant performance over previous Pentium III processors. Two (DDR 266MHz) PC-2100 SDRAM sockets allow for up to 2GB memory capacity. Support for the Ultra DMA/100protocol and its high-speed interface further ensures that data transfer speeds are improvedespecially for long sequential transfers required by audio/visual applications. The board also features onboard audio and optional onboard LAN function. Minimize
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Raritan RTi KVM-0D2 Board MCX16-1C and MCX8-1C -Combo FMCX

Part NumberMCX8-1C
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F5 LTM-3400 Motherboard w/ CPU 2.8Ghz S2707GNN-533-F5

Part NumberS2707GNN-533-F5
Description F5 LTM-3400 Motherboard with CPU 2.8Ghz 2GB Memory and Heatsink
  • MOB-0013-02 RevA
  • BIOS OBJ-0075-00 Rev K
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