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Intel SE7520AF2 SHW4UR Raid Activation Key AXXRAKU42E 8009340  C61221-002

Part NumberAXXRAKU42E
  • RAID Activation Key enables intelligent SCSI RAID on Motherboard (ROMB) solution for Intel Server Board SE7520AF2SHW4UR& SHW6UR. Engineered around Intel 80332 IOP @ 500 MHz. RoHS Compliant.
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Dell PERC3 Quad 4 Channel Ultra160 PCI Raid 23TCR Controller W/ 128MB Battery

Part Number23TCR
DescriptionController W/ 128MB Battery
  • Dell PERC3 Quad 4 Channel Ultra160 PCI Raid Controller
  • The PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3 (PERC 3/QC) Quad Channel PCI RAID controller is a high performance intelligent Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)-to-Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) host adapter with RAID control capabilities. The PERC 3/QC provides reliability high performance and fault-tolerant disk subsystem management. PERC 3/QC is an ideal Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) solution for the internal storage of Dell s workgroup departmental and enterprise systems. This RAID controller adapter card provides four SCSI channels. Using LVD you can use cables up to 25 meters long. Throughput on each SCSI channel can be as high as 160 MB/s
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DACFL-4-32M-MYL D080032-32 Dis Array Raid Cntr. 1426531

Part Number1426531
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