Visiontek 32MB AGP NV996.0 Video Card RIVA-TNT2-M64

Visiontek 32MB AGP NV996.0 Video Card RIVA-TNT2-M64

Visiontek 32MB AGP NV996.0 Video Card RIVA-TNT2-M64
Item# RIVA-TNT2-M64
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Product Description

Part NumberRIVA-TNT2-M64
  • Video Card Features:
  • 100 percent hardware triangle setup engine
    • High performance 128-bit 2-D/GUI/DirectDraw acceleration
    * Fast 32-bit VGA/SVGA
    • 64-bit wide frame buffer interface up to 32 megabytes (MB)
    * Triple 8-bit 300-megahertz (MHz) palette DAC
    • Bidirectional media port and ITU-R-656 video capture port
    * 0.25 micron 5LM CMOS 320 plastic ball grid array (PBGA)
    • AGP 4X 2X 1X modes with full sideband support
    * 66-megahertz (MHz) Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) clock rate bursting at 266 mega-transfers per second
    • Supports over 900 megabytes per second (MBps) in AGP 4X mode
    * Fully supports the AGP Execute model
    • Graphics Card System Interface Connector - Conforms to the Accelerated Graphics Port Interface Specification Revision 2.0 or later. Designed to install in either a 1.5- or a 3.3-volt interface.
    * Alternate Part #: NV996.0 *
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